Skater of the Month – August 2019

Full Derby Name: Snow Bite

Skater Number: 37



1. What is your REAL name?

Morgan Dean

2. What does the Derbyverse call you? And what is your Skater Number?

Snow Bite #37

3. Is there a story behind your derby name?

I’m a Disney nut, super pale, and I love red lipstick. Viola!

4. How did you get started playing for Diamond State Roller Derby?

Stormy made me do it.

5. What is one of your goals for the 2019 season?

To not break.

6. What is your most memorable moment with Diamond State?

When Stormy proposed derby wifedom at the end of my first bout.

7. When you’re not being a bada** skater…what are you doing? (Profession/Hobbies)

Nerdy work stuff with data and analytics. Going to my kids activities. I love to travel.

8. What skaters do you most admire most and why?

Freight Train. I love her personality, and she’s a real badass.

9. Any advice for someone who might be considering trying derby or are new to derby?

Just try it. I could barely skate when I joined the tot class. It takes time to learn, but the payoff is a lot of fun. And the team/community aspect was an unexpected bonus.