Skater of the Month – February 2020


Full Derby Name: Stab Calloway

Skater Number: #717




1. What is your REAL name? 

Sharon Folkenroth Hess

2. What does the Derbyverse call you? And what is your Skater Number?

Stab Calloway, Stab, 717

3. Is there a story behind your derby name?

I’m a fan of the Hi-De-Ho-Man. But also my husband and I have a running gag to randomly yell “Cab Calloway” at each other, based on a scene from the classic movie “Stormy Weather.” 

4. How did you get started playing for Diamond State Roller Derby?

I wanted to join a league in my hometown of York, PA but then pregnancy and school got in the way. After I moved to Delaware and finished my M.A., I looked for a local team. I went to DSRD’s New Skater info session and got hooked. 

5. What is one of your goals for the 2020 season?

I’m aiming to be MVP blocker in at least one bout this season.

6. What is your most memorable moment with Diamond State?

My first bout. I was so nervous leading up to it, but the second the first whistle blew, I was on cloud nine. I think I had a giant smile on my face the rest of the night. 

7. When you’re not being a bada** skater…what are you doing? (Profession/Hobbies)

I’m a collections manager and curator for the Delaware Academy of Medicine Archives.

8. What skaters do you most admire most and why?

I admire my teammates. Derby is a demanding mistress that can be hard on your body, your spirit, and your outside life. Not only is our league filled with some of the most badass people I’ve ever met, there is a culture of support and sportsmanship that fosters personal and team growth. I am proud to skate with Diamond State.

9. Any advice for someone who might be considering trying derby or are new to derby?

This game is the most fun I’ve ever had and it challenges me in ways that I didn’t expect. It is worth trying. But also, don’t play derby for exercise. Exercise to play derby. 

10. Any final thoughts for our fans? Watching derby is as fun as participating!