Skater of the Month – October 2018

Full Derby Name: Krispy Tenders

Skater Number: 1010


1. What is your REAL name?

Kristen DeFazio

2. What does the Derbyverse call you? And what is your Skater Number?

Krispy Tenders #1010

3. Is there a story behind your derby name?

The tot coaches were trying to remember my name and at one point I got called Kristen Tenders. I rolled with that doing a few laps when Krispy Tenders hit me and it stuck. I love that it’s really playful and we have fun with the name, like “Krispy Chicken Tenders” and making chicken nugget jokes.

4. How did you get started playing for Diamond State Roller Derby?

Gnarley Quinn was the friend that got me into roller derby. I didn’t even know about DSRD before she mentioned it. I used to love skating when I was a kid but hadn’t skated in such a long time before I started.

5. What is one of your goals for the 2018 season?

Leveling up to yellow and then green so I can skate in games!! There’s a lot of footwork skills I really want to master too. Getting good at turning toe-stops and crossovers while backward skating for example.

6. What is your most memorable moment with Diamond State?

Although I wasn’t skating, going with DSRD to BMore was amazing. There was so much energy cheering the team on. They did awesome! (Also I bought my new Solaris skates at BMore so that was also pretty memorable!)

7. When you’re not being a bada** skater…what are you doing? (Profession/Hobbies)

I’m a graphic designer and do some illustration on the side. I also foster pet rats for Philly Rat Rescue. Other hobbies involve lots of different types of art or nerdy things like Dungeons & Dragons, board games, and reading epic fantasy novels.

8. What skaters do you most admire most and why?

I’m still learning about leagues and skaters outside of DSRD. I admired all the skaters that I’ve skated with though. I appreciate their support and encouragement while I’m still improving.

9. Any advice for someone who might be considering trying derby or are new to derby?

Even if you come in never have skated before or not in a long time, everyone around you is very encouraging. We are so open to anyone at any level. Derby is so fun and will push you! Our league has such a great family culture too. Please come and try!!

10. Any final thoughts for our fans?

Please come out and cheer us on at our games and events!

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