Skater of the Month


April’s skater of the month is Momma Bricks!!!
How did you get started playing for Diamond State Roller Derby?
I started playing because of my daughter,  Stevie Bricks! Watching her drive and commitment to this sport made me curious.
I wanted to see what this “Derby” was about.
How did you come up with your derby name?
Our derby names are unique to oneself.
Given, I’m Bricks’  mom, the team bestowed me with my name Mama Bricks and feels like quite the honor!
What is your favorite thing about this sport and why?
Being a newer, older skater, I am accepted and respected for my current skill level.
While still improving at my own rate, I’m supported and encouraged to strive to be better.
What is one of your goals for 2017?
To continue to skate, learn and have fun,  while improving enough to be on our Home team and skate in a Bout.
Any advice for people who might be considering trying out for Derby or any thoughts to share with our fans?
As far as trying out, I say, just “do it”.
I’m 55 and doing it! You can too. If you want a place to fit in, to challenge yourself physically and mentally,   a place of unconditional acceptance…a feeling of kinship….Derby is for you! It’s a one of a kind sport. Once you experience it… you’re  hooked!!