Skater of the Month

Full Derby Name: Boku No Pico
Skater Number: 03
How did you get started in playing for Diamond State Roller Derby?
I actually started in 2011 when the league was still going by Wilmington City Ruff Rollers (WCRR). One of my high school friends Sarah (also known as Freckles Fatale of Charm City Roller Girls) had posted on Facebook about joining and I thought it sounded like a lot of fun. 
How did you come up with your derby name?
Honestly I kinda just wanted to be a troll. I am a huge Anime fan. The name is the title of an adult Japanese animated film. Definitely not for children or adults really for that matter. I still get a kick out of when a skater comes to me after putting my name in a search engine. Episode 3 is my favorite. 
What is your favorite thing about this sport and why?
Gaining a family. Before joining derby I would say I had a very small group of friends. Now I have 50+ Brothers and Sisters throughout all the neighboring leagues and around the USA. Also the self-confidence you gain from playing and your league mates lifting you up is AMAZING! It is nothing like I have ever experienced in my life. This alone is why I am so passionate about this sport and league ❤ 
What is one of your goals for the 2017 season?
Make the travel team charter. I’ve been both a skater and a referee but have never gotten the opportunity to skate with another team at their home rink. 
Any advice for people who might be considering trying out derby, or any last thoughts to share with our fans?
In the words of Shia Labeouf “JUST DO IT”. You have no idea how strong you are and how much more you can become until you try. There is a place for everyone! I love physical contact so I am a heavy hitting Blocker! Are you fast? Great! Get out there and Jam! Natural leader? Pivot or Captain! Rules expert? Referee all the games! Can’t skate? NSO! Everyone has a place. And no one will ever make you feel unappreciated.